Let toys help your baby learn language

Let toys help your baby learn language

Toys occupy a very important position in the baby’s world. When parents buy toys for their babies, don’t think that toys are just for the baby’s fun. You should consider that the baby can achieve long-term knowledge in the process of playing with toysThe purpose of empowerment.

  Some toys are very helpful for babies to learn languages.

After that, we list some commonly used toys, hoping to help parents choose toys: 1.
Make toys such as dolls, houses, furniture, cookers, various, hospital appliances, etc., imitating objects in life, knowing that babies use it when playing role games.

In role games, babies mainly use language to express the plot and content of the game, which can promote the development of the baby’s language.

Such as the “play house” game, let the baby imitate the mother, coax the baby to sleep for a while, and breastfeed the baby for a while.

Each development and change of the plot in the game can directly let the baby imitate the language and actions of “mother”, this method is much better than teaching the baby rigidly.

  2.Toys such as toy headdresses, masks, puppets, and image toys for table performances that can be used by babies when performing stories can allow babies to perform performance games and have a prominent effect on the development of baby’s language.

The performance game helps the baby to use the language in the work naturally during the performance, and at the same time master the correct use of language and creative tone and expression that conform to the character personality.

On this basis, parents can also inspire your baby to make props for performing games on their own, which will also be very helpful to improve their language skills.

  3.Toys with basic geometric shapes can be used for various construction activities, such as plastic blocks, plastic tablets, and rubber toys.

For example, use blocks to build houses, parks, and use plastic sheets to connect furniture and vehicles.

In the construction activity, parents can consciously develop the language of the baby. Before construction, help the baby to think and let the baby say the object to be constructed.

After the structure is completed, the baby can also tell the parents about the process and method of assembling the object by themselves.

This can not only improve the baby’s speaking ability, but also promote the improvement of the baby’s level of thinking, and trigger the baby’s interest in the game.

  In short, when giving toys to babies, parents should be able to give them appropriate guidance.

Some toys do not have to be bought. Mom and dad can make full use of waste and natural toys to make toys according to the baby’s need to play games. It is even better if the baby is involved in making.

This can not only improve the baby’s ability to use hands and brain, but also cultivate the baby’s good character of diligence and thrift.