These foods should be eaten to clear the heat and reduce fire

These foods should be eaten to clear the heat and reduce fire

Introduction: Compared with the hot weather of previous years, this summer is relatively hot this summer, but if you want to be healthy in summer, you can’t slacken off the work of clearing heat and reducing fire.

What should you eat when you go to the fire in summer?

TCM summer diet is good: clear the heat and reduce the fire, these foods should be eaten!

  1. Eggplant “Compendium of Materia Medica” says “Eggplant is sweet, cold and non-toxic.

Indications cold and heat, five internal organs strain and blast.

Eating eggplant can disperse blood and relieve pain, remove diuresis, and reduce swelling and widen the intestines. ”

“Yi Lin Compendium” called eggplant “broad, loose blood, stop diarrhea.”

Modern medical research shows that the rich vitamin P in eggplant can enhance the adhesion between cells, implant microvascular brittle bleeding and promote wound healing.

Therefore, eating eggplant often can suffer from complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc., and it has a certain therapeutic effect on chronic gastritis.

  2. Loofah has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat.

The ancient medical books and their “Compendium of Materia Medica” all say that loofah can “clear heat and intestines.”

Eat some loofah soup on summer days to relieve heat.

The soup should not be cooked for a long time, it is best to keep the loofah bright green.

The loofah skin and its gourd flower boil water to replace the tea, which also has the effect of heatstroke and antipyretic.

  4, mung bean work and after work, drink a bowl of mung bean soup, have refreshing, thirst to go, the summer heat completely, feeling refreshed, this is because mung bean greatly clears heat and relieves heat, quenches thirst and diuretics.
  5, bitter gourd Some people regard watermelon as a treasure for summer heat relief. In fact, in theory, the most appetizing and refreshing, Qushu Qingxin melon food is bitter gourd.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have talked about “bitterness can clear heat” and “bitterness can strengthen the stomach”.

Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd has a bitter taste, severe cold, and can clear heat and relieve fire.

The slightly bitter taste of bitter gourd can stimulate human saliva and gastric juice secretion after eating, greatly increase appetite, clear heat and prevent heatstroke, so summer bitter gourd is suitable.

Use fresh bitter gourd to smash juice or decoction, red to the liver and fire, thirst for stomach heat, epigastric pain, hot and humid sores, are all good food supplements.

Herbal tea made from bitter gourd.

  6, vinegar in summer people drink too much water, the corresponding reduction in stomach acid, so that appetite is reduced.

Appropriate amount of vinegar can increase the concentration of gastric acid, promote appetite, and help digestion.

If you add some vinegar while cooking, the stomach acid will increase and increase, which will increase appetite.

Summer is the epidemic season for first-class infectious diseases. Jealousy can also improve the bactericidal effect of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also, if a few drops of vinegar are added during cooking, the loss of vitamin C in vegetables will be reduced, and it will facilitate the extraction of iron from food.

  7, cucumber “Herbal of Truth” mentioned that cucumber “smells cold and cold, so it can clear heat and water”, so it is good to eat more cucumbers in the hot summer.

The moisture content of cucumber is 96%?
98%, the highest slenderness among vegetables.

It contains very soft cellulose, which has a certain effect on increasing the excretion of spoiled food in the interior and reducing the residue.

  8, winter melon has a very good effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

Eat more winter melon in the summer, quench your thirst and relieve heat, and diuretic.

Because of its diuresis and very little sodium, it is a good product for chronic nephritis edema, malnutrition edema, and swelling of pregnant women.

It contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body, which can regulate the body’s metabolic balance.

  9. Kale Kale is produced in southern China and has a long history of cultivation. It is a cabbage vegetable. It is one of China’s specialty vegetables. It is a popular home cooking in southern areas such as Guangdong, Guangxi, and Fujian.

  Because the stem is thick and erect, the cell tissue is tight, the overlap is small, and the epidermis has a layer of waxy, so it is chewy and not hard, crunchy and not tough. Su Dongpo once wrote a poem to praise it: tooth rang. ”

  The nutritional value of kale is very rich. The content of carotene and vitamin C is very high, far exceeding vegetables such as amaranth which are generally considered to have high vitamin C content.

The most important thing is that kale is rich in glucosinolates, which is an anti-cancer anti-cancer ingredient. Regular consumption also reduces cholesterol, softens blood vessels, and prevents cardiovascular effects. Its anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects cannot be for.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, kale has sweet taste, astringency, good water, phlegm, and detoxification effects, which is very suitable for summer.
  10, tea health care doctors often instruct people to use tea to supplement potassium.

Potassium is an important trace element in the human body. Potassium can maintain the normal function of nerves and muscles, which is the normal movement of the heart muscle.

If you lack potassium, you will feel tired and fatigued, and your heat resistance will decrease.

Severe potassium deficiency can cause arrhythmias and general weakness.

Tea contains potassium and phosphorus, accounting for about 1 of its proportion.

About 5%.

Potassium is easily excreted with sweat, and tea with the right temperature is the first choice for summer.