Healthy eating watermelon note 4 points

Healthy eating watermelon note 4 points

The summer is hot and everyone likes to eat watermelon to reduce the heat. In order to taste better, watermelons are usually cut and wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated.

Is this correct?

Recently, it has been reported that plastic wrap wrapped in watermelon will eat dead people. Is this true?

How can watermelon be preserved to reduce bacterial growth?

How to eat watermelon to be healthy?

… Would you like to wrap the plastic wrap while eating watermelon?

  Why do watermelons with plastic wrap eat dead people?

  Expert analysis said that after wrapping the cling film, a relatively closed space was formed between the fruit and the cling film, and this environment provided better conditions for bacterial reproduction.

So if you eat watermelon, do you want to wrap it in plastic wrap?

  Yes, experts said that if there is space in the refrigerator for storing watermelons separately, it will not cause skewers and moisture loss, it is not recommended to cover the plastic wrap.

  How to eat watermelon to be healthy?

  Watermelons are best cut and eaten, and it is best not to wrap in plastic wrap when refrigerated, and place them directly in the refrigerated drawers. Keep them for no more than 24 hours.

  Be sure to separate the fruit knife from the kitchen knife.

  If you use a meat-cutting knife to cut watermelon, there are both bacteria and probably pathogenic bacteria.

Remember to burn the knife repeatedly with boiling water before cutting the melon.

  It is best to wash again before eating, or use a clean fruit knife to cut off the part of the pulp that is in contact with the plastic wrap or in contact with the air.

  If the watermelon is covered with cling film, it is best to put it in a refrigerator at 0 ℃ -4 ℃, this environment can inhibit the bacterial reproduction rate.