You and me, lost each other in the red dust


You and me, lost each other in the red dust

Time flies, time flies, meets in the world, and loses each other in the long red dust.

The past five hundred times of returning, in exchange for the passing of this world.

Have you prayed for a few thousand years before the Buddha?

I still can’t change the look of the world. The entanglement between you and me seems to be a love that transcends the world, and I am the angel of the wing, falling in your arms and loneliness.Taking care of the wound, absorbing the weak warmth eclips the happiness of this life.

You said, you will always stand at the distance I turned around, but how far is this turn?

Is it a day or night, or a lifetime?

Is it a ruler, or is it the end of the world?

I want to come, the beauty of that world is just a legend, there is no waiting forever, and there is no permanent obsession. Who is whoever forever?

銆€銆€I don’t know when, the eyes that you and I look at each other no longer stretch into the traces of the heart in the night sky. I don’t know how many times you and I know each other, no longer become poems flying in the dusk. Who is it?The heart of the heart of the soft and intestines, scorned a song, a heart mark?

銆€銆€Smoke, rain, red dust, how many winds and waves are rising and falling?

How many times do you get together?

Knowing that love is in love with everyone, it is only a short-lived release in life, but I, stubbornly believe, that each other’s deep love splits over the whole life, never fades, and the fireworks are not related to you and me.No reversal all the way, only to watch a dream back to the love of the year, to create a miracle that is far from being demanded, and that violent lingering lingering, the end, is just a wind and snow.

If you are still alienated, is it intentional indifference?

Is it unintentional to be cold?

When hypocrisy conceals sincerity, when casually replaces persistence, stranded, it is the deep understanding and tacit understanding of the soul, it is the cherished and cherished by the storm; the disappointment is the meeting of this life meditation, it is the reincarnationThe dusty edge of the ferry.

銆€銆€I was deeply involved in each other’s world and became a part of life. I couldn’t give up, and I was immortal. Afterwards, I traced the traces and decided to leave. From then on, I was too concerned, but I missed my thoughts.Pain, but how much love can come back?

Even thoroughly relishing the incitement of Acacia, how many people can wait in the same place?

The bustling glory, the flowers are broken, in the return of love, I silently sing: Time flies for years, I missed you, the season forgot the vows, but you are old, the wind and frost forgot the flow of the year, you and me, butI lost each other in the red dust. Maybe, your prayers are not enough piety, maybe, you and my destiny are doomed.

I wonder if you will pray with me. After a few thousand years, I will look for each other again in the world. I will hold each other’s hands at the moment of meeting, and will not let go.