[Does eating peach cause constipation]_Constipation_Peach_Attention

[Does eating peach cause constipation]_Constipation_Peach_Attention

Peach is extremely rich in nutritional value, suitable for many people to eat, and has a statement of “peach support”.

However, everyone should pay attention to the peach breeder here is said to eat in moderation, too much, it is easy to get angry, constipation, sore throat and other adverse reactions, so people who love to eat peaches must pay attention, eat 1-2 dailyOkay.

First, will you be constipated if you eat more peaches? Li Shizhen once said, “Eating more peaches will cause swelling and ulcers, which will be detrimental and unhelpful.

“The saying” Peaches raise people “means that eating peaches should be moderate and appropriate, but fresh peaches should not be stored.

Eating more peaches is easy to get angry, and people who are prone to internal heat and prone to ulcers should not eat more.

However, peach kernel contains volatile oil and a large amount of small amount of oil, so you should not eat more. It can cause poisoning, early nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, etc.Causes the heartbeat to stop.

Especially pregnant women, not to eat.

Although peaches are good, they should not be eaten more.

Chinese medicine believes that peaches are sweet and warm, and have the effects of regenerating fluids, moisturizing the intestines, activating blood, and stopping asthma.

Although peach has a laxative effect, it is only suitable for those with senile weakness and dry constipation.

For those who have constipation due to fire due to fire, not only will not be relieved after eating a lot of peaches, but they will “come on fire.”

This is because peaches with warm and hot constitution can induce or aggravate the symptoms of fire after eating. Therefore, anyone who suffers from “flame” symptoms such as red tongue, yellow tongue coating, dry mouth, thirst, constipation, and sore throatFriends, it is best to eat less or no peaches.

Second, the precautions for eating peaches 1. Immature peaches cannot be eaten, otherwise they will be bloated or swollen; 2. Even mature peaches should not be eaten too much, and too much will cause heat and anger; 3,Rotten peaches should not be eaten; 4, peaches should not be eaten with turtles; 5, patients with diabetes should eat less peaches when the blood sugar is too high.

In addition to the above taboos, you also need to know how peaches are stored: the biggest feature of peaches is their aroma and sweetness.

If you want to fully restore the scent, do not put it in the refrigerator.

In a dry refrigerator, the sweetness of peaches is expected to continuously evaporate, so you should leave the peaches at room temperature.

Peach’s sweetness source is not fructose, so unlike other fruits, the more sweet it gets, the stronger the frozen taste, but carbonated sugar will be produced at about 30 ° C.

The sour taste will also increase the temperature and increase, so place at 15 ℃?
At 20 ° C, it can suppress the sour taste, but fructose will still work, and it will have the taste of sucrose. Therefore, the most appropriate method is to put it in ice water for 10-20 minutes.