Three stories to interpret the password of life


Three stories to interpret the password of life

Mentality and Behavior A psychologist wants to know how a person’s mentality affects behavior.

So he did an experiment.

銆€銆€First, he let 10 people through a dark house, under the guidance of his line, all 10 people successfully worn the past.

銆€銆€Then the psychologist opened a light in the room.

Under the dim light, these people saw everything in the room and they were shocked by a cold sweat.

The ground of this house is a large pool with more than a dozen large crocodiles. There is a narrow wooden bridge above the pool. They just walked over the bridge.

銆€銆€The psychologist asked: “Now, who among you is willing to cross this house again?

No one answered.

After a long time, three daring stood up.

銆€銆€One of them walked cautiously, and the speed was much slower than the first one; the other trembled on the wooden bridge, and when it was halfway, it climbed over the bridge; the third step just took a few steps.All of a sudden, I no longer dare to move forward half a step.

銆€銆€The psychologist opened another nine lights in the room, and the lights lit the room a little white.

At this time, people saw a safety net under the wooden bridge. They were not seen at all because the color of the cable was very light.

銆€銆€”Now, who wants to pass the primary wooden bridge?

Asked the psychologist.

Five more people stood up this time.

銆€銆€”Why are you not willing?

The psychologist asked the two remaining people.

銆€銆€”Is this safety net sturdy?

“Two individuals asked in unison.

銆€銆€Many times, success is like passing through a small wooden bridge. The reason for failure is not that the strength is weak, the intelligence is low, and the deterrence of the surrounding environment – in the face of danger, many people have long lost their balance of mind, panic, chaos.Square inch.