[How to make cola ice cream]_how to make _ making method

[How to make cola ice cream]_how to make _ making method

Cola ice cream is a relatively common dessert. When the weather is hot in summer, people like to eat a little ice cream, which has a certain effect of cooling off the heat, and you can also make Cola ice cream at home., Prepare your own chocolate, prepare the right amount of cola, prepare Oreo’s cookies, and prepare the right amount of whipped cream, so that you can make cola ice cream.

How to make cola ice cream Wash the cola bottle without water!

Remove the labels carefully and wash them for later use.

Chopped chocolate, 85% melts first.

Put water in a small pot, boil, keep on low heat, and use water vapor to melt the chocolate.

Containers and tools must be free of water and not in direct contact with hot water, so as not to affect the chocolate formation.

15% of the chocolate is poured into the melted chocolate liquid, continue to stir and melt.

Pour melted chocolate into a cola bottle.

Shake at will to spread the chocolate liquid evenly throughout the cola bottle.

After the chocolate liquid does not flow, open the bottle cap to ensure that the bottle mouth is unobstructed, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze.

Oreo crackers should be broken into small pieces, not too crushed, so as not to affect the taste.

Pour the whipped cream into an oil-free and water-free container and pass it slowly.

After three or four minutes, add condensed milk and stir well.

Add Oreo cookies and stir well.

The ice cream is finished.

Pour into a large decorative bag.

Cut the mouth and squeeze the ice cream liquid into the bottle.

It must be full, not empty, so as not to break the chocolate when demolding.

After filling, freeze in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours.

After taking it out, let it stand in the room for a few minutes to warm it up, so that the chocolate and bottle can be separated automatically.

With a utility knife, make a small cut on the label first.

Then rotate it once to turn the cola bottle into two parts.

Cut down the gap until it reaches the bottom.

The lower part is peeled, and the upper part is operated in the same way.

After demolding, attach the label and cover it with one layer.