Mom’s parent-child games

Mom’s parent-child games

Qiu Qiu, it’s been 18 months, playing with him is my happiest time.

Unconsciously, the baby’s eyes are always aimed at the toys in the toy store, so the house is full of various toys.

However, while playing, I found that these colorful and vivid toys did not feel like playing for a while.

My mother started consciously looking for toys that the baby was interested in.

Make it trick!

  Happy mommy thought about a chair-the space on the back of the high-rise chair became a building.

From the bottom to the top, the mother’s hands are on the first floor, the second floor, and the third floor . The mother’s hand will appear in the building. The mother’s hand likes to hold the baby’s hand!

Amazingly, the baby never knows how many hands the mother will appear on the first floor, so the mother talks and points to shake hands with the baby.

  The mother can also prepare some pictures of small animals. The small animals jump up and down and sometimes appear on the second floor and sometimes on the third floor. The baby will listen to the animals with a lot of interest and say hello or look for the name of the babyWhich floor is it?

  A simple chair can make your baby feel numbers and ordinal numbers.

And learn to know different little animals to understand their barks.

  Happy Mommy Thoughts 2 Fly Swatter-Pony Fly Swatter turns into a pony.

The baby slaps the fly in the middle of his legs, and lets his mother gently pat on the buttocks, and then he can proudly start off.

Report to Grandpa in a while, to be coquettish to Mom, and to go around the “cities” of the country and even the world, and drive around the world with a pony.

  ”Riding” games can train your baby’s ability to run.

It is also in line with his loving nature, and at the same time let the baby get to know some cities in China and even the world.

  Happy Mommy Three Sweaters-Magic Box Sweater turns into Magic Box.

There is a large “hole” in the sweater, which is a large neckline that covers the baby’s head.

Mom can hide her hand in the sweater, and secretly sign her hand from the “hole” . ah!

The hand turned into a small pistol “bang bang”, and after a while, the hand hid in again, and then stepped into a hammer “Dang Dang Dang”.

The baby must be very happy. He will eagerly hide his mother’s hand and look forward to his mother’s hand quoting again. What will change?

As she sings nursery rhymes, her mother and her baby change.

  Little hands changing games can stimulate your baby’s creativity and help your baby learn all kinds of onomatopoeia.

  ”Hands Change”: Mother’s hands changed, changed into a small pistol, bang bang.

  My mother’s hand changed, and a small hammer came out, Dangdang.

  My mother’s hands changed, and a little cat became meow.

  Mother’s hand changed, changed into a small spinning top, transferred to jurisdiction.

  Every happy mummy can be a caring person, find fun things in life, let it simply “morph”, you can turn into super fun toys and games!