Squeezing the nose too much, causing otitis media

Squeezing the nose too much, causing otitis media

Recently, Guangzhou has cooled down repeatedly. Many people are prone to colds and colds. Some of them suffer from pus, nasal discharge, dizziness and earache.

  The otolaryngology experts reminded that acute otitis media can easily be caused in the late stage of the cold. In severe cases, the patient’s hearing loss, tympanic membrane perforation and even long-term ear abscess.

Without proper nasal discharge, it may be one of the factors that cause ear disease.

  Forced snoring, flu, easy to change, otitis, Mr. Jiang recently got a cold, and he kept running nose every day. However, because he was on a business trip at the end of the business in recent years, he did not take this ailment on his mind and bought some cold medicine to deal with it.

Sometimes the nose swells, and he screams desperately, and his nose is smooth, and he feels fine.

After this was over, his nose became thicker and his ears began to hurt.

At this time, Mr. Jiang felt that something was wrong and he went to the hospital.

  Conducted, the attending expert, Professor Dong Yuli of the Otolaryngology Center of the Armed Police Hospital, found that Mr. Jiang’s eardrum had been perforated.

  Professor Dong pointed out that blowing nose is one of the “dangerous actions” of otitis caused by a cold.

“The cold does cause nasal congestion, more nasal discharge, and poor breathing.

Too many people are overwhelmed and can’t wait to clean their noses at once.

Professor Dong said that this practice is actually unscientific, because it squeezes the nostrils out of the nose, when the nose can not be found, the nasal cavity will produce severe negative pressure, the purulent secretions and bacteria in the nasal cavity will pass.The throat tube is sent to the middle ear cavity, causing infection in the middle ear, which leads to symptoms such as pus, snoring, dizziness, earache, etc., while the average patient is likely to mistakenly think that this obvious cold is accompanied by performance and is just ignored.

  Clearing the nose is light and slow. “The best way to clear the nose is to gently suck the nose into your mouth and spit it on the paper,” Dong Yuli said. “You can blow your nose once, but the movement must be light and slow.

Or go to the hospital to extract nasal secretions by vacuum suction.

This will not hurt the ear.

Experts suggest that the public should have ear aches after a cold, ear pain should be promptly treated to the ear, nose and throat specialists. In the early stage, it will not cause perforation, treatment is easier, recovery is better; and procrastination is easy to become suppurative otitis media, andCauses tympanic membrane perforation.

  According to incomplete statistics, only 10% of such patients will heal on their own. Most of the patients will suffer hearing damage and must repair the tympanic membrane.

This situation is also very easy to turn into chronic otitis media, once the cold or water, the ears will continue to pus.

Some patients with perforation of the tympanic membrane will form cholesteatoma due to the replacement of the epithelial cells in the ear, causing chronic dangerous otitis media.