The liver is the largest detoxification organ to protect the liver must know 7 points

The liver is the largest detoxification organ to protect the liver must know 7 points

White-collar work is stressful, and there are many entertainments, some acne, and poor skin.

In fact, this is a problem with the liver!

If you want to be good, you must first raise your liver and protect your liver.

China Health Network introduces you how to raise liver in the diet, let’s take a look at it.1.

Avoid spicy spicy foods easily cause digestive tract heat and humidity, hot and humid mixed, liver and gallbladder dysfunction, digestive function is weakened.

Therefore, people with abnormal liver function should avoid eating spicy food.


Avoid taking hormones, antibiotics are three-drugs of drugs, drugs are more harmful to liver and kidney, patients with abnormal liver function must be under the correct guidance of doctors, rational use of drugs.


Avoid excessive consumption of protein diet For patients with severe hepatitis, due to gastric mucosal edema, small intestine villi become thicker and shorter, bile secretion disorders, etc., so that people’s digestion and absorption function is reduced.

If you eat too many eggs, turtles, lean meat and other high-protein foods, it will cause indigestion and bloating.


Avoid high-copper diet when the liver is not good, can not regulate the balance of copper in the body, and copper is easy to accumulate in the liver.

Studies have shown that liver storage in patients with liver disease is 5-10 times higher than that of normal people. The amount of copper in the liver of patients with biliary cirrhosis is 60-80 times higher than that of normal people.

Medical experts point out that excessive copper in the liver can cause liver cell necrosis.

At the same time, too much copper in the body can cause renal insufficiency.

Therefore, people with poor liver function should eat less copper, squid, shrimp, snails and other foods containing more copper.


Patients who do not eat processed foods with abnormal liver function should eat less canned or bottled drinks and food.

This is due to canned, bottled beverages, preservatives often added to foods, and more or less toxic to the liver.


90% of alcohol alcohol should be metabolized in the liver. Alcohol can interfere with the normal enzyme system of liver cells, so it directly damages liver cells and necrosis of liver cells.

Patients with acute hepatitis or chronic active hepatitis, even with a small amount of alcohol, can make the condition repeat or change.