Wearing jeans often causes trouble

Wearing jeans often causes trouble

Jeans are fitted personally, showing beautiful body lines and expressing masculine charm. For both men and women, even older people can wear jeans and be young and energetic.

Therefore, jeans are a valuable western clothing.

Some people buy a few pairs of jeans and wear them all year round.


hzh{display:none;}  如果一年四季都穿牛仔裤,就会给人体带来麻烦。  The jeans are designed with a short crotch and buttocks, so that the entire waistband, crotch, and even the legs are tightly wrapped around the body.Wrapped, blood flow is difficult.

Therefore, people who wear jeans all year round are prone to genital inflammation.

  The jeans are thick and tightly wrapped around the genitals. The breathability is very poor, so that the sweat and odor of the genitals are not emitted, and they are often tilted and hot, causing a large number of pathogenic bacteria to breed and reproduce, producing itching, tingling, and it is very easy to concurrently causeFemoral dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis, ringworm, etc., and it is not easy to cure and form persistent diseases.

  Wear jeans tightly at the anterior superior iliac spine, where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve plexus penetrates deep into the superficial skin, which is extremely susceptible to compression and leads to insufficient blood supply and volume damage, which is manifested by skin numbness in the area.Feeling dull and even disappearing, medically called “lateral femoral cutaneous neuritis”.

  The jeans cloth is thick and tightly wrapped around the genitals, making the temperature rise there, causing the scrotum to swell and swell in the thighs, affecting the development and maturity of normal sperm cells, and causing male infertility.

  Similarly, women wearing jeans are more likely to breed pathogenic bacteria in the genitals, which can cause itching of the genitals, urethritis, cystitis, nephritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and appendicitis. If they are not cured, they can cause female infertility.

  Jeans and skin diseases Many men wear jeans in winter, because of its fashion, but also because it is thicker than ordinary fabrics, and has a certain cold resistance.

But did you know that it is also the culprit for scrotal eczema?

  According to dermatologists, scrotal eczema is an allergic reaction, and its appearance is generally related to genetic factors, hot scalding, and irritability.

After wearing jeans, the scrotum will be in a high temperature and airtight environment for a long time, and the friction of the legs when walking will be very loose, thin, and sensitive scrotal epidermis can easily cause scrotal eczema.

  In the acute phase, scrotal eczema is dominated by pimples, erosions, and exudates. If not treated in time, it can often be changed to chronic to make the disease progress. Now the traditional Chinese and Western medicine implanted in Ren’ai Hospital combined with physical equipment for local systemic and local treatment.The cure rate in the acute phase is high.

When entering the chronic phase, the epidermis of the scrotum will be mainly epidermal hypertrophy and lichen-like.

Scrotal eczema can develop at all ages, with most young adults.

The main symptom of this disease is that the itching of the scrotal skin does not stop, the course is long, and if it is not cured in time, it will recur.

Patients often suffer from itching and scratching their skin, which not only does not relieve itching, but also aggravates the condition. In severe cases, it can affect sleep and work.

Because of the sensitive area, many patients avoid disease and medical treatment, which delays the disease.

It is even a pity to buy some ointments and apply them topically. Although it can temporarily relieve itching, it delays the timing of early treatment. Some people also aggravate the condition due to disorderly medication. This is a pity.

  So is there any way to prevent it well?

  Developing good living habits also plays a vital role in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Do not wear chemical underwear, try not to wear skinny jeans; do not scratch or use medication if skin itch appears; see a doctor in time is the best choice; do not use spicy spicy food during treatment, do not use boiling water, wear loose cotton-Quality, breathable pants.

  Too many beautiful young women like to wear tight denim shorts and denim shorts, but excessively tight pants can easily cause various urethritis and gynecological diseases in women, mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgency and pain, and sometimes accompanied by backacheAnd abdominal pain.

“Women’s sweat glands are particularly rich in nature, and bacteria can easily invade the urethra when wearing skinny jeans.

“”, “To avoid the timely discharge of harmful substances such as bacteria due to lack of water; to avoid reducing their disease resistance due to overwork, every day” to ensure adequate sleep; pay attention to personal hygiene, bathe frequently, and change underwear.

  If you have a frequent urinary tract infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Infected people should also pay attention to stopping the medicine without symptoms disappearing, which is easy to repeat.

However, if left untreated for a long time, it may also cause ascending spread, causing cystitis, ureteritis, and even pyelonephritis.

  Even if it is just a pair of slim heels, or even a personality necklace, or even a lower waist, it can show the feminine, sexy, and temperamental side.

However, recently, reporters learned from major hospitals that too much love for beautiful women is glorious on the surface, but actually suffered from different “fashion diseases”.

  As early as 1958, an American newspaper called: “90% of American young people wear jeans everywhere-except on the bed and in the church.”

Nowadays, jeans have become the classic clothing that is popular all over the world.

  According to statistics, nearly 90% of people worldwide have at least one pair of jeans.

Americans own 8 pairs of jeans, and young people have up to 11.

Young people aged 16-24 wear jeans on average more than 4 times a week.According to the “2007 Global Jeans Summit” held in Shanghai on November 13, the Chinese included 4 pairs of jeans.

A survey conducted by China Ruili Women’s Network on 3,700 women showed that 45% of them had 10 pairs of jeans.

  However, this much-loved pair of jeans has been questioned in terms of health.

Ningxia Health Education Institute recently released the “Urban and Rural Residents Health Education Reader” even called it “Jeans Syndrome” to remind people to pay attention.

  A few days ago, the “Canada Medical Journal” reported that the doctor of Palma, Ontario, Canada believed that low-rise skinny jeans would squeeze the sciatic nerve and cause abnormal skin tingles in the thighs.

Mort, a neuroscientist at the University of Kansas, said he has seen no less than 1,000 such cases in the past 20 years.

“This is not a serious illness. 95% of people do not need treatment. As long as they wear loose pants, the symptoms will go away on their own.

“Overall, skinny jeans are also associated with some gynecological diseases.

Experts told reporters that because the jeans fabric is not breathable, it may make it difficult for women to discharge endocrine, causing gynecological diseases such as vulvitis and vaginitis.

In addition, in the middle of summer, the metal buttons of the jeans are in continuous contact with the abdominal skin, which easily causes contact dermatitis.

  For men, jeans are even more sinful.

Experts from the University of Iowa University in the United States have suggested that frequent crossing of tight jeans may lead to a decrease in sperm count.

Yang Dazhong, Department of Sexual Medicine, Yuquan Hospital, Tsinghua University, told reporters that long-term wearing skinny jeans may cause scrotum eczema.

This is because the optimal temperature for lactic acid pills is 35.

5 to 36.

The jeans tightly bound the scrotum and the retinal pill, reducing local heat dissipation, increasing the temperature of the retinal pill, and hindering sperm production.

  Of course, as long as you pick the right pair of jeans and pay a little attention to your life, the above terrible diseases will not be easily found.

The first thing to consider is the layout.

The version suitable for you should be uncomfortable and even close to your body when you put it on.

When you try on it, you can lift the plug to your chest after you have fastened the button to see if it is comfortable.

This way, the fabric.

The fabric of the jeans is elastic and breathable. It does not hinder the choice of Calais. Its elastic fabric fits the body and is comfortable.

Again, the model.

When trying on, squat down and look at your back from the mirror. If the hips are exposed more than half or there are three or more pieces of horizontal meat on the abdomen, the jeans’ waist is too low or the size is too small.

Finally, don’t wear it often, you should prepare more loose cotton pants for replacement.

  In addition, the experts also made a suggestion from the perspective of environmental protection: the latest French research indicates that each pair of jeans is made on average of 600 grams of denim, 38 grams of polyester, and has 6 copper nails and 1 button.

And if you use a washing machine to wash, dry and iron every day, you will waste 240 kWh per year, which is equivalent to lighting 4,000 60-watt bulbs.

So the best way is to buy a pair of cotton jeans, then wear them two days a week, wash them every 5 days, and air dry.

  Some experts point out that people now buy too many clothes, which will result in waste of raw materials and must also lead to global warming.

Therefore, if you can control the desire to buy clothes, change the way of dressing, and take care of the wardrobe again, you can contribute to environmental protection.