Autumn is not the best tonic, flat food is best

Autumn is not the best tonic, flat food is best

Tonic is needed in the fall. Posting autumn leaves is almost a thing that Chinese people do every year.

Because, since ancient times, we have always thought that “there is no illness and three points after the summer.” After the summer heat, loss of appetite, and air-conditioned environment, the body has become overwhelmed with humidity and heat.

The fall tonic supplement is to compensate for the falseness brought to the body by summer, and the reset is to strengthen the body’s resistance and prepare for the cold winter.

  However, today we want to say that tonic is used in the autumn tonic, so that you will not get angry while tonic.

  First, why should we choose tonic food? The sexual taste of food is divided into “four natures” and “five flavors”. In Chinese medicine, we all know that there is no specific dividing line between food and medicine.All foods also have a sexual taste.

  The four characteristics of food are cold, hot, warm and cold.

The five flavors are: spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Different foods have different effects on the human body.

  Autumn is a season that is easy to dry and ignite. Blind tonic, instead of being unable to align with the effect of tonic, will make the body drier or colder.

  Starting from the climatic characteristics of autumn, everything converges, and Gan Runping and food should be eaten, so it is called “Ping Bu”.

  If you eat hot and spicy foods such as spicy, fried and grilled, it will cause your body to get angry and dry your tongue.

  Second, the tonic foods that can be supplemented in autumn 1.

Most of the people choose to eat meat paste in autumn. But pork is too greasy, and lamb and dog meat (dog meat is not recommended) are hot and warm food.

And the most flat food of beef is suitable for everyone tonic.

  Consumption of beef in China is second only to pork. It is high in protein, low in trace, and delicious in taste, and is loved by most people.

  The structure of protein and amino acid in beef is closer to human body than pork.

In traditional Chinese medicine, human beef has the functions of tonifying qi and nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach and resolving phlegm and quenching wind.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that beef can “enrich the vital energy, nourish the spleen and stomach, tonic and strengthen health, strengthen muscles and bones, eliminate edema, and remove moisture”.

  How to eat autumn beef First of all, you should choose soup in the autumn to eat beef, such as oxtail soup, to nourish and dry.

  Basically, the main reason for eating beef in the autumn is light, and less spicy seasoning.

Can be cold and stewed.


Vegetables for autumn food are essential foods for us every day. The Chinese health organization advocates 1 kg of vegetables per person per day.

Here we recommend tonic cabbage in autumn.

  First of all, cabbage belongs to cruciferous food and has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Because it contains dimethylamino-3-formaldehyde compounds, which are enzymes, they can inhibit the growth and spread of vitamins.

  Generally, cabbage is cheap and easy to obtain in autumn, and it contains about 95% of water. Although it is flat, it is cold.

Consumption in autumn has the effect of clearing away heat and annoyance, quenching thirst and diuresis.

  In addition, cabbage contains a lot of supplementary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and other substances, while alleviating constipation caused by autumn dryness, it can also supplement the vitamins and trace elements required by the body.

  How to eat cabbage in autumn There are too many ways to eat cabbage, so here is not a one-by-one mixture, but be careful not to add spicy spices, at the same time rot, not pickled, and after repeated heating are not suitable for consumption.


Potatoes that are tonic in autumn are also one of the most abundant foods in autumn. Potatoes are characterized by a lot of supplementary fiber, carotene, starch, minerals, and mucoproteins contained in some potatoes.

  Yam as a potato is a kind of typical sweet-sweet food. It not only has other functions of potato, but also enters the spleen, lungs, and kidney meridians.

It nourishes the spleen and stomach, kidney yin, and can also moisturize the lungs.

It is an invigorating lung and kidney food in autumn.

  In addition, according to modern research, yam also has the effects of delaying aging, lowering blood pressure, and anti-tumor.

  The method of eating yam in autumn is generally light and maintains the original flavor.

  The first choice is typically yam porridge, which can be cooked with radish, rose, red dates, wolfberry and other porridge.  First, yam can be served.

Clear yam, yam fungus and so on are all good to eat in autumn.


Staple food for autumn tonic food Staple food is the food we must eat every day, which is essential for providing our daily energy.

Cereals also have a sexual taste, and previously rice, as a staple of our daily diet, also has a nourishing effect.

  In “Beilu”, the previous rice was “bitter, flat and non-toxic.

“It has the effects of nourishing yin and replenishing energy, removing annoyance and thirst, strengthening intestines and reducing diarrhea, and nourishing qi.

  Unlike other rice scales, the previous rice is rich in protein, and the body’s essential amino acids are also relatively comprehensive.

The health method advocated in Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica is to eat more rice porridge.

  Therefore, if you want tonic in autumn, eating more rice porridge is also a cheap and convenient method.


Fruits for autumn supplements Fruits are essential foods to supplement our body’s vitamins and trace elements, but at the same time promote 0 per person per day.

5 pounds of fruit.

  When we eat fruit in autumn, we think of moisturizing the lungs and moistening the most.

For example, pears are one of the fruits that everyone often eats. However, pears are cold in nature and should not be eaten by children and the elderly, otherwise they are prone to diarrhea.

  So, here is recommended 枇杷.

  Article 枇杷 efficacy.

The first thing everyone thinks of is to moisturize the lungs and relieve cough.

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has used tincture as a medicine for cough.

However, modern research has found that the carotene content is the third highest among fruits, and it is also rich in fructose, glucose, minerals and vitamins.

Sweet taste, very suitable for the weak lungs in autumn.

  The way to eat it is simple, just eat it as fruit.

  Autumn tonic need to pay attention, a little careless autumn dryness and diarrhea will find you.

If you want to avoid these problems, you must first understand your own physique. “The cold is hot, the hot is cold” is the theoretical basis of food and body conditioning.

If you can’t understand your own physique, the easiest way is to eat foods with sweet taste.

Tonic does not have to worry about getting angry and cold.